Thursday, February 1, 2007

Mile 29

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Spanky Doodle said...

Worlds Champeen Indy Colts

It's all laid out in quantum mechanics. The up spin and down spin of muons, as affected by interaction with random virtual particles, resulting in the primacy of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. I could go into details, but the upshot of this research is definitive: the laws of physics state it's impossible for a team to win a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman at quarterback.

A corollary equation involving non-linear topography did reveal a positive solution to the Bears' victory chances. Brian Griese needed to be inserted as starter in Game 11. In this situation, the predicted spin of the muons would have been favorably influenced by the virtual particle interaction, resulting in the mitigation of the Heisenberg principle, and enabling a close Bears win and Super Bowl XLI to the Monsters.

Coach Lovie needed more time in the physics lab and less time baiting Sun-Times reporters.

Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy deserved it. The best team won.